Sunday, March 25, 2012

Is It Spring Already?

I know that I live in Florida and all... but did we even have winter? I mean really. Sure there was a few cooler mornings but not one where I had to scrape the frozen dew from my window. And where did the rain go? Not one good rain filled day... you know the ones. The ones where you sit on the couch all day and hear the rain on the roof. Even start to wonder if the swales outside will over flow into your yard. I don't think that happened once!

Maybe I'm just overly homesick for Colorado right now. Wishing that I could have those snuggle days on the couch in front of the fireplace. Though, those days in Colorado usually involve snow- not rain. Ew. 

And spring is here already. Already! The temperature is already rising and the flowerbeds are looking awful. So much work to do! Spring cleaning is a definite must! Once Spring Break gets here we'll be in full cleaning and organizing mode! 

But I love to get my hands dirty. To dig in the soil and plant beautiful flowers. The kind that every time I walk up to the front door I have to stop and take a moment to enjoy their colors. To marvel at how fast they've grown. 

It really is a time for new beginnings too. The last month or two have just been disastrous around here. I'm looking forward to having everything begin anew. We've got great plans for painting the house, rehab-ing the lawn, planting flowers, and I need to decide on how to start my herb garden. We've got a whole lot of projects planned, but I'm excited about each and every one of them.

So I'm hoping to post our progress on all the various projects! My daughters are also excited about the flower planting and the bird feeders, and don't forget about the beach! I'm hoping it'll rain soon too! I love the rain! It's one of the reasons I like Spring so much!

Anyhoo... If you've got ideas for container herb gardens, or organization projects... or anything spring and crafty, I'd love to hear them! I hope you all are finding your own fresh starts and enjoying this wonderful time of year!

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  1. New season, fresh start. Amen to that!

    We, too, had a very light winter for snow, although there are no complaints coming from this corner of New England!

    Thanks for sharing your joy at No Ordinary Blog Hop!