Thursday, February 13, 2014

Book of Shadows ReVamp

The 'Organic', Chronologically Ordered, Tired,
Former Book of Shadows
When I first started my book of shadows I had decided that I wanted it 'organic'. Meaning that I wanted everything in it to reflect the journey I was on. So I picked out this very beautiful journal that was blue leather and embossed with hibiscus flowers. I loved this book. And so I began to write in it. I added information on sabbats and esbats, pictures and recipes, correspondences and stories. Anything and everything I came across, incorporated and used went into this book. A lot of finger cramping hours of writing. And I was proud of it. Now... not so much.

Because I wanted an organic feel to the book, I didn't categorize anything. It just went in chronological order. And that was okay for awhile. Now I just infuriate myself because I can never find what I'm looking for when I'm looking for it. Instead, I get to sift through all this other stuff that I have absolutely no need for anymore. Stuff from my former coven and a family I shared experiences with (neither of which I'm still in contact with) and I find myself resenting this beautiful book I once aspired to make so great. 

This book was suppose to be beautiful. It was suppose to hold all my answers. It was going to help guide me through so much that it was going to be the most important item in my witchy cabinet. Now I just loathe it. 

When I first set out to create my book of shadows I though that having a three ring binder and dividers was too impersonal for my tastes. For doing the bills, organizing activities, keeping tax info together... sure those are great. But for something as unique and powerful as this book was going to be, it quite frankly wouldn't be good enough. So I opted for the bound leather journal. Now I've decided to start over. 

The New, More Organized, Less Infuriating
Book of Shadows
It isn't something I wanted to do. In fact, I swore to myself that I would never do it. But my circumstances have changed and I'm ready to make that leap. I'll keep the old one for reference, but I'm going to start transferring info over to the new one. Starting with the Full Moon Esbat coming up in a few days. I'm always up for a new project... problem is... I never seem to actually finish any of them. That will be the glory of this particular project... there isn't an end to it! 

So my dears... how have you put together your book of shadows? Have you gone the binder route? How did you organize it? Have any helpful hints or pointers? Or are you the bound journal type? What made you decide one way or the other? I'd love to hear what you have to say about your own book of shadows! 

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  1. My book of shadows is currently a binder that's overstuffed and falling apart. Like you, I'm finding that it no longer suits me or where my spirituality is currently at (and also, it's falling apart :). I've been debating creating a new one that is more scrapbook-style, although I haven't entirely settled on whether I want it to be an actual scrapbook, or just a smaller journal with bits and bobs pasted in where needed.

  2. I went for the scrapbook feel with the first one... but all the 'bits and bobs' really started to get in the way, another frustration of the book. I haven't decided if this one will be decorated in anyway just yet. I'm not the best artist and I'm really not wanting to go through that mess again. Though I did have the passing thought of digital scrapbooking... but I just don't have time for that! :)